11/3. Courting Comedy: The Show @ Dirty Trix. 408 Clement St. SF. 9PM. Free. Featuring Joe Tobin, Chris Burns, Jesse McGrath, Nicole Calasich, Charlie Ballard and Alison Stevenson. Hosted by OJ Patterson. 

Sylvan Productions presents another night of great comedy at the historic Dirty Trix Saloon. Get Yucked Up and the Friend Zone is taking a break and handing the reins to OJ Patterson, comedian/blogger/enthusiast, and he is bringing his brand of showcase featuring

Joe Tobin (Grinning jokesmith, East Coast sly, SF Punch Line)

Chris Burns (Sophisticated, singsong, sweetly sarcastic, Showtime’s Shameless)

Jesse McGrath (Bewildered, fetching, hilarious, PorkSausage Productions)

Nicole Calasich (Silly, feisty, fierce, bold and bubbly.)

and special guests

Charlie Ballard (Proud satirist, touted visionary, Hella Gay Comedy Show)

Alison Stevenson (Lauded, natural smart-aleck.) 

After each comedian a brief tongue and cheek, “post-game” interview occurs, giving the night a sense of depth and unpredictability. It shall be a very fun time.

[Dance Party To Follow!]

I’m on this show. Have been on one before and it was a hoot, don’t miss it!

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