3/15. Wireless Indiscretion [Comedy Podcast Recording] @ Merchants of Reality. 185 9th St. SF. $5. 8PM. Featuring Nicole Calasich, Kaseem Bentley, Trevor Hill and Jesse McGrath. Hosted by Kollin Holtz. Tickets Available: Here

Wireless Indiscretion 

…Is the internet radio show, and live podcast recording, that celebrates the “Series of Tubes” that buried the box they buried vaudeville in. The show takes its inspiration from the old comedians and performers of vaudeville, Garrison Kiellor’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” and sketch comedy with a modern sense of humor that is all its own.

Created by comedian Kollin Holtz, the show premiers March 15th at the Merchants of Reality (cross Streets 9th and Folsom). The hour plus show offers affordable, funny, Thursday night entertainment for just $5!

Starting at 8pm, the show is early enough to get up for work the next day, and late enough for a night on the town.

I wrote some of the material on this/am going to perform on it. Also, I think it is free now but I could be wrong. Either way, shit is going to be tops.

Source: courtingcomedy